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Protecting Your Face

By Greg Siller - Pro Learning Systems


Hello again Greg! I was wondering, is the helmet with the mask or visor better protection for my face? Please let me know.--Josh.

Josh; For the most part, it boils down to personal preference. Both types of face protection work effectively in keeping sticks, pucks, and the errant elbow from injuring you.

The full-face cage (or mask as you call it), as its name implies, protects your entire face. It also allows good airflow to cool you down. An issue, for some people at least, is that the metal links distract your vision. Even though the distraction is very limited, the perception for some people becomes annoying. After wearing the cage for a short time, however, your brain will compensate for this by filling in for the blocked information and you should see "through" the metal.

The shield comes in a half or full version and is made of clear plastic. The half shield only comes down to your nose, so it does leave your mouth and chin vulnerable. The full version covers your entire face. Although the shield looks a little better (in my opinion) than the cage, the airflow is not as good around your face and head and it has a tendency to fog up. This can be corrected with a towel (between shifts) or with the application of a special defogging solution.

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