Football Photos

By Greg Siller


The following links contain action photos from professional and amateur football teams and are designed to help promote those teams as well as the overall sport in our communities. Contact Greg Siller for photo usage or to help promote your individual or team needs.

Enjoy the action!

·        2016-12 (Dec)-04 San Diego Charges vs Tampa Bay Bucs

·        2016-11 (Nov)-13 San Diego Chargers vs Miami Dolphins

·        2016-11 (Nov)-06 San Diego Chargers vs Tennesse Titans

·        2016-10 (Oct)-21 SDSU Football vs San Jose State

·        2016-10 (Oct)-08 SDSU Football vs UNLV

·        2016-10 (Oct)-02 San Diego Chargers vs New Orleans Saints

·        2016-09 (Sep)-03 SDSU Football Game vs UNH and Sky Show 41

·        2016-08 (Aug)-19 San Diego Chargers vs Phoenix Cardinals PreSeason Game

·        2016-08 (Aug)-07 LA Kiss Arena Football Playoff Game

·        2015-10 (Oct)-23 SDSU Football vs Utah State

·        2015-09 (Sep)-05 SDSU Football versus USD followed by KGB Skyshow

·        2014-09 (Sep)-27 San Diego State vs UNLV

·        2014-08 (Aug)-07 San Diego Chargers vs Dallas Cowboys - PreSeason

·        2014-04 (Apr)-26 LA Kiss Arena Football vs San Jose Sabercats

·        2014-04 (Apr)-12 LA Kiss Arena Football vs Cleveland Gladiators

·        2013-12 (Dec)-29 San Diego Chargers vs KC Chiefs

·        2013-11 (Nov)-23 SDSU Football vs Boise State

·        2013-11 (Nov)-10 Chargers vs Broncos

·        2013-11 (Nov)-02 SDSU Football vs New Mexico

·        2013-08 (Aug)-08 San Diego Chargers vs Seattle Seahawks

·        2012-12 (Dec)-02 Chargers Football Game vs Cincinnati

·        2012-11 (Nov)-10 SDSU Football Game v Air Force

·        2012-08 (Aug)-09 Chargers vs Green Bay Pre-Season Game

·        2011-11 (Nov)-27 Chargers vs Broncos Football Game

·        San Diego Charger Girls

·        2010-01 (Jan)-17 Chargers vs Jets

·        2010-01 (Jan)-03 Chargers vs Redskins Football Game

·        2009-11 (Nov)-29 Chargers vs Chiefs Football

·        2008-11 (Nov)-30 Chargers vs Atlanta

·        2008-09 (Sep)-27 San Diego State Aztecs Game vs Idaho

·        2007-12 (Dec)-16 Chargers vs Lions

·        2007-06 (Jun)-23 San Diego Shockwave Indoor Football

All photos are copyrighted by Greg Siller. © 2007-2017 Greg Siller.